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CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES GmbH was founded in 2004. However, the founder of the company already has more than 30 years of experience in sharpening metal band saw blades for the wood industry. A lot of know-how and heart blood was put into the development of his own devices for machine and band saw production. High quality and durable products satisfy our customers for years.

Unser Produkt

RK bandsaw blade

We’ve been tinkering with our band saw blade for almost ten years, and now our Re-sawing Blade is, in our opinion – and also according to feedback from many of our woodworking customers – the world’s best woodworking blade. Made of C4 carbide teeth, it is engineered to cut ultra-smooth ultra-thin wood veneers with minimal wood waste.
Our triple vario tooth design minimizes vibration during cutting operations while also keeping the kerf ultra-thin. Each saw tooth is individually brazed and then shaped to perfection with our specially designed “Shark Grinder” machine with diamond grinding wheels. Our RK band saw blade is not only for ultra-thin wood veneer, it is also perfect for hardwoods and exotic wood. You will have an extremely smooth cutting edge during processing and save on material, as there is only a small amount of cuttings. This not only saves time, but also money.
Most of our customers are woodworkers who demand high quality. Time and again, they are thrilled with our saw blade.

The semi-finished saw blades are waiting for further processing
With our “Shark grinder” automatic machine the saw blades are ground
Proper spacing of individual saw teeth minimizes vibrations during work use
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The right saw blade

Depending on the processing material and machine, the ideal saw blade with the appropriate toothing should be selected in advance. Different lengths and thicknesses are of course also provided for you individually on customer request.
We will be happy to support you in choosing the right saw blade.

Product handling


Our saw blade is made of
C4 carbide alloy and can be resharpened 4-5 times.


Before each wood cut, check the saw blade for cracks, dull teeth, rust and general damage. Never use a dull or damaged blade! This is very dangerous. Is your blade dull? Please have it resharpened or replaced.


For example, you can hang the saw blade on the wall. Nail cardboard or a wooden board to the wall beforehand and secure the blade with a nail. This will protect you from injury and your blade from damage.


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